What the hell is going on here?

Many people have blogs online. Some run under a service such as LiveJournal.com. Others use a template based solution such as MovableType.org. While these are fine options for most people, I'm not most people (just ask my friends). Consequently, I don't use a solution like those.

The blog software used here is a custom perl4 script which was originally created for the Everquest guild Imperial Forum. Blog entries are stored in a simple DBM structure suing the MLDBM perl module. There are more efficient, faster and better ways to do this, but I wrote the blogger software about three years ago and was more-or-less learning perl. And despite being ugly and inefficient and not having a lot of bells and whistle features (like, for example, being searchable by date/month/year) it still works.

"Song of the <whateverCR>" is a semi-frequently updated link to the lyric and MP3 of a song which reflects my current mood. It could be a Song of the Day... or Hour... or Week... or Month... or WHATEVER! Thus the name.

"You are a fucking cunt" is a little widget that I found on B3TA.COM, but the host (limmy.com) took it down about a day later (probably due to the huge number of hits/traffic it generated). I thought it was too good to let die, so I fished it out of my web cache and am now hosting it. I play with it often. It helps me deal with some (ahem) "issues" in my life, in a (mostly) non-destructive way. And it can be musical too.

"People that are not me" is a little page I threw together in the fall of 2001. Concept and syntax were blatantly stolen form Brian "Spary" Johns' website. It was a fun exercise, although it took nearly two days to put together. Amazing how long it takes to do something so simple.

The random link generator is a perl4 script which draws a link from a <CR> delimited file. This type of application is idea for perl4. Simple, and sweet.

The training log is going to be a mish-mash of scripts and programs. The calander is generated by a JavaScript script inside the web page. The actual log is stored and referenced with a PHP program. There might be a perl4 widget or two in there as well. Since this part is still in the conceptual design phase, it's hard to say exactly how it will all go together.